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POWERED by, Black People

No more excuses.


We excel and succeed because we are not special, unique or different. We are the same (Black people) living in your community, growing up with the same ideas you have. We were flat broke in our first approach and presentations, we needed seed money. That is why we focus on Black Leaders. We realized the way for us to create TRUE WEALTH and PURPOSE, is to completely buy and own whole Communities, Towns, Cities, Industries and Businesses as Black People.

White people organize their money together into investment pools. They fund trips in ships across the Oceans (They fund ideas and exploration!). There are plenty of us to run Cities and Towns all over America and Land in Africa! Our problem as Black People is that we move in fear, we think small and have bad leadership. We do not even trust each other, we know what to do but we think we need white people or Asians to fix all our problems, when we know better (more Slavery and Servitude). We know how to fix our own problems, by owning farms, land, houses, opening stores and franchises; making services and products available to us, by us.


As Black Americans, Blackman Industry members we buy BLACK BUSINESSES together. We add money into a Black investment pool of Black Business Owners who use the money (our Leaders) to pioneer new frontiers, projects and create more profit for us all. As members we profit, we gain, buy, own and run franchises, communities, towns, cities, industries and open new businesses to retire on. We do not want to destroy our Black industries, or pervert our young Black MEN and WOMEN or black families. We want to realize our SUCCESS!  


We Are Powered By, Black People


If YOU decide to play a role in Blackman Industries, you can retire from working a 9-5 job in a short while. That means you can come work with us. Our plan is to bring ALL Black People (You) away from working for other races. We want Black People, members to run industries and Businesses (to become Leaders) away from dead end 9-5 jobs. At Blackman industries you will work with Black Leaders to get an opportunity to open, run and operate your own Franchises, Businesses and Farm Land, to build Housing Projects and revitalize Black Communities, to create Generational Wealth and fill your own Leadership Role.


We can automate funding online to scale up our Businesses, Profits, Products and Services all over the world monthly, until we buy, own and run most of our industries, businesses and franchises as members, Black Americans. You can ALWAYS branch out and start your own Franchise or Business on your own. Do not think we are here to control your ideas or business plans. We are here to complete you, as your community. We are Black Americans, who were once slaves, and broke just like you. We joined Blackman industries, and now we got the chance to own and run franchises, businesses and control billions together.


As more Black People read and learn to support our Leaders, by joining up. We can continue to invest in new Projects and buy more Franchises and Businesses for Black Americans to live righteous Lifestyles of True Wealth and Success! 

In closing, sometimes profitable business solutions are easy, but getting along is the hard part. Making money can be simple, but all it takes is for one bad apple to disagree and try to spoil the whole bunch. Do not be influenced by one or two bad apples talking. They are NOT the driving force behind Blackman Industries. Contrary to popular belief, we are NOT influenced by Black talkers ...It is your ACTION(s) that we care about! (What Are You Doing?!?!)

  • We experience Black people saying they don't have enough money to invest in Blackman Industries (Yet they invest money in White Industries daily)

  • We experience Black people saying we need to cater Black businesses to all races (Yet all races do not cater to Black businesses, or Owners!)

  • We experience Black people saying we need to buy and own farmland, produce raw materials, wood, meat, fruit and crops to become self-sufficient (Yet other races have ownership and control over entire countries, continents and thousands of acres). But Black Americans don't visit Africa or want to use it. Where do you think our True wealth and independence will come from

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